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Roger Shah's tour dates:

Date Venue/Club Location
2015-07-20 Colors Festival @ Eden Spain  Ibiza, Spain
2015-07-25 Dance For Love 2015 @ Longbeach Hattersheim Germany  Okriftel, Germany
2015-07-31 Ruby Skye USA  San Francisco, USA
2015-08-01 Avalon USA  Los Angeles, USA
2015-08-18 FSOE 400 Tunisia  tba, Tunisia
2015-08-22 FSOE 400 Guatemala  tba, Guatemala
2015-08-23 FSOE 400 Mexico  Mexico City, Mexico
2015-08-27 Aquanario After Party Germany  Berlin, Germany
2015-08-27 Aquanario After Party Germany  Berlin, Germany

Black Pearl - Tagula Island OUT NOW!
Hamza Khammessi - Distant States OUT NOW!
Roger Shah presents Sunlounger & JES - Glitter and Gold OUT NOW!
Roger Shah & Sied Van Riel featuring Jennifer Rene - Without You OUT NOW!!!
Roger Shah & Pierre Pienaar - The Namib OUT NOW!!!
Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun - Eye 2 Eye OUT NOW!!!